How to Participate at the Startup Europe Week



Are you interested in Social Enterprise or looking to becoming a Social Entrepreneur?  

My friend, you are in luck!

February 5th is your chance to put your thinking hat on to help solve the struggles of Beneficent. Beneficent have been selected by the European Commission in Brussels to organise this event.  Join us along with fellow panel members from OuiShare UK, European Alternatives, MakeSense and Lambeth Council, and explore the tools and support available in the local ecosystem for social entrepreneurs. This event is a blend event: half debate/half workshop(following the Hold-Up methodology). At this Startup Europe Week’s event, Beneficent wants social entrepreneurs bringing their “Idea to reality and build their community”.

How do I participate?

The answer is MakeSense Problem Solving Workshop, called Hold-Up.


Everyone is welcome to participate


Help solve the challenge of Beneficent by joining a problem solving workshop designed by MakeSense.  It uses design thinking and creativity techniques to help the participants give and share many ideas at first and turn them into 3 to 4 applicable solutions at the end.

What is the challenge?

One of our biggest obstacles is building a strong community. This hold up will focus on coming up with strategy and action plan on building a community for Beneficent.  


IDEALondon – 69 Wilson St, London EC2A 2BB


February 5th from 2pm – 6pm.  Registration starts at 1:45pm


Register for the event – Social Entrepreneurship: Idea to reality, build your community


You get to network with the pros and participate in a workshop to help a social enterprise solve concrete challenge.

What better way is there to solve the challenge of community building but to use the power of community via this event?  See you on February 5th, and be part of Beneficent.

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About MakeSense:

Makesense is trying to invent a new world by helping impact-driven startups to create self-sustainable solutions for social and environmental problems. So far, the MakeSense community is spread in 46 countries, with 1500 active members around the globe and got 20.000 citizen involved in building solutions.

As citizens, YOU and everybody can get involved in supporting concrete solutions developed by social entrepreneurs and to reinforce their impact by helping solving challenges they face.

In fact, citizens have a key role in MakeSense ecosystem, for without them, social innovation and change will not go forward. MakeSense is the empowerment of social entrepreneurship with sustained social and environmental impact powered by a solid and passionate movement of citizens.

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